Double Bureau (1995)

wood, polyurethane rubber, enamel
80 X 90 X 60 cm.
Collection ‘Le Casino’, Luxemburg (Lux)


“…, for some years he increasingly makes sculptures too, which he pours out of a rubber-similar mass, out of PU…”
REVUE 50 (d'letzeburger illustriert)

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“… A selection of his work is cast as photography and sculpture, including molding. The latter are made of polyurethane and latex rubber molded on his personal use: functional devices like speakers, or ash trays, cups and calculators belonging at his home table, …”

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“…, or small daily objects (ashtrays, cell phones, calculators,…) posed on a table of painted wooden. This last work, very “pictorial” makes me think of ancient still lives. In spite of myself, I feel invited to reflect on the image, painting, reality and illusion…”

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“… The doubling of these objects shows us that they are put there for the real work. Everything is ready. Everything is clean and ready. (But with which pencil to start?) …”
Hans Theys – catalogue “Een strak geordend rommelkot en wuivende gordijnen”

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