Koen Theysland (2008)


installation view


Video installation for 1 projector
10.38 min. (loop)
HDV – color – stereo

3D-animation: E-Spaces
Editing: Koen Theys
Sound: Koen Theys
Soundmix: Johan Vander Maelen
Production & realisation: Koen Theys
Co-production: Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds

In 2008, video artist Walter Verdin was asked by CANVAS, a Belgian public TV network, to make a daily opener for the channel, to be broadcasted just before the 8 o’clock news. He proposed to use excerpts of his Title Safe project (link: www.titlesafe.be), which was a cooperation with many other video artists, amongst who Koen Theys.

Koen Theys however proposed a new work, "Koen Theysland", to be used as background for the logo of that network. In this work Koen Theys made a kind of logo for himself, that could conquer the superposed logo of CANVAS. So during more than a whole year, excerpts of this video were broadcasted in prime-time on the Belgian national TV.

Some people thought it was the announcement for a new talkshow by Koen Theys; others were jealous that he was paid for having an incredible publicity during a whole year. The final version of this work is of course without the logo of that TV network.