The Vanitas Record (2005)

mixed media
420 X 2540 X 1180 cm.
photo: Pjer-Pol Rubens


“… One of the most striking art works is the still life in the horse-gear of the castle of Loppem. It would concern the " largest three-dimensional vanitas still life of art history"…”
Michel Vanneuville – De Standaard

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“… In the former horse-gear of the castle of Loppem he built, on a plateau of 15 by 20 meters, a still life in three dimensions, with skulls, books and 20,000 live snails which crawled all over the work…”
Marc Ruyters – De Tijd

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“… But the difference between this contemporary Vanity carried to superlative and traditional Vanities lies well in the excessive accumulation of objects …”
Marie-Claude Lambotte – Les Vanités dans l’Art Contemporain

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